To stand out online and have a steady stream of clients coming to you versus cold-pitching in the DMs all day. (Who really wants to do that?). The only problem? Sometimes it feels like there are 47,389 other people doing what you do, and your existing branding and website isn’t exactly helping you stand out. You worry that it lacks a premium feel to position you as the expert that you are, and that people are passing you by because of this. There’s got to be a better way!

Modern,              design to 
instantly elevate your brand.


While we’re at it, let’s attract some premium clients!

This is the dream … 

I’m So In!

Claim your space with custom design.

Enter beautiful, custom design: the quiet hero of any business. Not only does it create a powerful first impression, but it tells the world that you know your stuff, you take your business seriously, and you care about the finer details. And when it’s done right – with your unique personality weaved throughout – custom and strategic design makes you more memorable in a sea of sameness. It no longer matters what those other 47,389 business owners are doing because now your design perfectly reflects you and your ideal clients. 

Let’s get to the good stuff … 

VIP Design Days

VIP Design Days

Imagine having a professional designer (me!) in your back pocket for one full day to bring your next exciting project to life. With my done-for-you VIP days, you can skip the waitlists and longer timelines and get your designs done faster! 

VIP days are a great option if you’re sitting on design work that needs to be done but you haven’t had the time, desire, or expertise to get to it yourself. You know that the longer you wait, the more stuck you’ll stay in your business … but you just can’t seem to scratch it off your to-do list.

Instead, you can pick a day on my calendar and we’ll get these projects off your shoulders, out the door, and in front of your ideal clients!

Of course, it isn’t just about speed. 

Although my VIP days have a fast turnaround time, my goal is to always deliver quality first. When you book me for the day, you get premium work that’s a reflection of my 15+ years experience as a strategic designer and business owner. Whether I’m wrapping up a three-month project or a single VIP day, I always want my clients to be head over heels in love with the result. 

Here’s just a sample of what we can focus on: 

Template customization

Showit add-on pages

Mini brand identity

A simple 1 - 5 Showit Website

Don’t see your project on the list? Tell me what you have in mind and we can tailor your VIP day to your needs. 

This service is perfect for you if: 

You want a taste of what it’s like to work with me.  You don’t need (or have the budget) to invest in a more extensive project. You want a quick, easy way to get your offer out into the world. 

You’ll walk away with: 

The joy of scratching another task off your to-do list.  Professional design, done in just ONE day. (Can’t beat that!) Confidence to move forward in your business.

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Investment $1,650 - payment plans available 

Half day rate available for specific projects (including mini brand identity)

Includes: clarity call, shared folders, 1 hour of revisions the following day

Have more questions?  I've got answers. Check out FAQ's

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What does your process look like? 

What does your process look like? 

It depends on the project, but generally it goes like this: First, we connect. Once you've established we’re a good match, we’ll schedule a time to discuss your business goals. Second, you secure your spot. Following our call, I’ll put together a custom proposal for you. You’ll need to submit your retainer and sign a contract to secure a space on my calendar. Third, we strategize. We’re really going to dig deep into the heart of your brand, so we can set a solid foundation for success. Fourth, we develop. This is where we get clarity on your brand. I’ll create a beautiful (and functional) one-of-a-kind design just for you! Fifth, we launch. Once everything is perfect, we’ll launch your amazing new brand and website into the world. Get out the wine and let the leads start pouring in! 

Note: For VIP days, we’ll take the same strategic approach, but with a condensed timeline. 

Do you use the one-concept method, and how does it work?

Do you use the one-concept method, and how does it work?

We do! With this approach, we develop and present one full concept method that’s perfect for you. (Behind the scenes, we work really hard to understand your goals and create and recreate your concept until it’s the “the one.”). What my clients love most about this method is that it’s a more efficient use of our time together. It also saves them from analysis paralysis – having to choose between multiple options that convey the same message. 

How will we communicate during my project? 

How will we communicate during my project? 

Communication is of the utmost importance to me, so we’ll have many touchpoints throughout our time together. Primarily we use email, but we also use Honey Book for all of our questionnaires and acceptance forms. In addition, we have several zoom and phone calls scheduled as part of our development.

What do I need to provide?

What do I need to provide?

For brand identity projects, you’ll need to complete questionnaires, take part in two brand development calls, and give timely feedback on your concepts. For websites: If you choose not to use our copywriting services, you’ll need to complete all content by a set date. To start web designs, we’ll need all high-resolution brand and product photography.

Do I need to invest in professional photography? 

Do I need to invest in professional photography? 

This isn’t a must, but we highly recommend professional brand photography. Strategic brand and product photography can elevate your website like no other. It also makes sense to professionally update your design, copy, and photography in one shot so that everything is on the same level. Don’t worry; I have you covered with a list of amazing brand photographers all over the country!

Will you show me how to edit my website?

Will you show me how to edit my website?

Absolutely! I’ll do a live website training with you and record our session so that you can reference it at a later date. If updating your website isn’t your thing, I’ve got you covered. I offer full and half-day VIP days where I can take care of all your updating needs.

Ready to boost your brand 
with a fresh, new design?  

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